Traffic Light Sloth

What takes people so long to pull away from traffic lights? The lights onto Malpas Road are red for over four minutes, and green for  seven seconds. The same people use this road every day – they know the routine. So when the lights go from red to amber you’d think they’d be ready to move. But no! The lights go green – and no one moves. One second, two seconds – the driver in front shuffles through the gears and looks around, then creeps forward. Three seconds, four seconds – and the second driver is now scratching through the gears and shuffling forward. Five seconds, six seconds – and the third driver looks up from their phone, shifts gears and creeps forward. Seven seconds – and the lights are red again. Gaaaddddd!!!

If the army can move a column of tanks in one clear movement, why can’t more than three cars get through a green light in seven seconds …?


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