Overheard on Newport Bus


‘Hi Jean, haven’t seen you for ages. Where’ve you been?’

‘I’ve been to see my brother in Cwmbran.’

‘The farmer? Didn’t he get married last year?’

‘Yeah, the silly old sod. Eighty years a bachelor and suddenly he decides he wants an heir to leave his farm to. And he was so obsessed by it he went and married a twenty year old girl. Then he’s asking us for advice on the fastest way to get her pregnant. Get a fit young lodger in, we joked. And he did. Can you believe it?’

‘So how is he doing?’

‘Well, when I got there today he was buzzing like a cat on a hot tin roof. He couldn’t wait to tell me his wife is pregnant. “Oh,” I said. “What about the lodger, you know, what does…?”

Well, he gives me this sly grin and says, “Actually, she’s pregnant as well!”

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