Overheard on Newport Bus (22)

‘Good Grief, what happened to you?’

‘Oh, you know me. Can’t keep my gob shut.’

‘That’s true. So what happened?’

‘Well, our yearly bonus came through last Friday and it was a lot more than we were expecting. So naturally we all went for a drink after work. And one thing led to another. Someone suggested we go on to this club in Cardiff and then on somewhere  else after that, and the rest became one big blur. Anyway, when I rolled in home early Monday morning Cerys went off on one. She was like a raving banshee. We ended up screaming at each other and in the middle of it she says how would I like it if I didn’t see her for three days? So I said if that’s the way she felt then go on, go for it. Just go for it.’

‘And she did?’

‘Oh yeah. I didn’t see her for the rest of Monday and I didn’t see her all day Tuesday. Then by late Wednesday afternoon I started to get the sight back in one eye …’

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