Sheepish …

We saw the strangest thing today as we were walking along the Newport Canal. The sky was clear and the birds were chirping happily as we looked down over a sloping meadow where sheep were grazing. Suddenly one sheep charged another and butted it so hard it flipped right over. As the stunned creature staggered to its feet the first sheep slammed into it again, knocking it back down.

Then as it attacked for the third time all the other sheep came racing across and joined in too, piling all over the poor sheep on the ground.

Somehow the victim managed to scramble out from under the pack and bolted off down the field, throwing itself into a lean-to in the corner. The mob raced after it and charged at the shelter, pushing and shoving to get in. This went on for what seemed like ages until, just as suddenly as it had started, they appeared to lose interest and wandered off back up the field to continue grazing.

Then the mugged sheep came sauntering out as if nothing had happened and it too continued grazing.


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