Where’s the Bulldog gone?

Growing up in Ireland we had it thrust on us that the British were like a bulldog – independent, resilient, capable of facing down any adversity that came their way. A glass half full nation who treasured their democracy, who believed that a vote was sacrosanct and had to be honoured however badly it ruffled the feathers of the losers.

So I’m bemused by the tsunami of negative defeatism that’s been pouring out of the British media over the past three years, especially from the BBC who seem to be taking the Project Fear as Gospel.

What happened the Bulldog that faced down the shroud wavers who screamed that if you sailed over the horizon you’d fall off the edge of the world, and went on to build the most formidable navy the world had ever seen?

Where’s the Bulldog that ignored the doomsters who said if a train went faster than ten miles an hour the passengers would suffocate, and went on to create a means of transport that shaped the world?

Where’s the Bulldog that ignored the appeasers who wanted Britain to sign a pact with Hitler because they believed they couldn’t stop a German invasion?

I thought Britain had put to bed the doomsters who howled that if the UK didn’t sign up to the Euro it would be cut loose and floated off into the Atlantic where the whole country would die of starvation within a couple of months?

Can it be the Bulldog has been replaced with a pup? Good luck, lads. I’ll see you on the other side.

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