Parking on Pavements

I have to say  I’m delighted with the current policy that allows us motorists to park unhindered on the pavements. This means that I don’t have to manoeuvre my car onto my drive anymore, I just bounce it up onto the newly tarred pavement and place it snugly against the fence.

Here in Newport the council have even obliged us by lowering the pavements at either end and putting lovely bubbled paving stones there to help us get a grip in bad weather.

And what a wonderful opportunity it is for the wheelchair user, the mothers with pushchairs, the partially sighted, the people with mobility problems to experience the sheer joy of stepping out onto the main road, savouring the adrenalin rush as they try to pick the precise moment to skip between the speeding  vans and the dodgy girl on the mobile phone driving a boy-racer speedster (it’s a 20mph zone, but who takes notice of that???)


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