Overheard on Newport Bus (24)

‘Guess who I met in the Celtic Manor last night. Billy Mahoney. You remember Billy?’

‘Billy No-Shoes? Yeah, I remember him. Always on the cadge. What was he doing there, working?’

‘No, he was on a golfing weekend.’

‘What? How could he afford that?’

‘Well, when I saw him drive up in a big posh car I Googled him. And guess what? He’s actually a multi-millionaire.’

‘Really? Billy No-Shoes? How did that happen?’

‘Well, I asked him that and he said it all started when he was still in school. A neighbour was throwing out an old bike and Billy took it, and he spent ages doing it up. And he was amazed how quickly he sold it, so he looked for another one, did that up and sold it as well. So he spent all his spare time looking for old bikes, and by the time he left school he’d taken over his grandfather’s shed. At one point he had over twenty bikes on the go.’

‘And that’s how he became a millionaire?’

‘Well, no. Shortly after he left school his mother won the Euro Lottery, £101million!’


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